WE Ambassadors



Yannis Bacalis is a Graduate of the MSc. In Global Affairs of NYU with Specialization in Peace-building. He is a peace-building practitioner as well as a monitoring and evaluation specialist. He is an accredited Mediator from the New York Institute of Peace and a long-term consultant for the Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc) as the Main Representative at the United Nations in the DESA Department under the NGO Consultative Status. He completed his Bachelor studies in International and European Studies with Specialization in Political Studies and Diplomacy, at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki Greece. His main areas of interest involve refugees and vulnerable populations, women’s rights, development, mediation, conflict resolution, peace-building and education. With the WE Foundation Yannis did an excellent job in his responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the data collected, exploring the employment opportunities and participating in the creation of feasible and long-term solutions for Syrian refugees, Iraqi internally displaced youth and the local communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Janell Johnson is pursuing a graduate degree in Global Affairs at New York University; her focus is in international development and peace-building. Her interest began while co-chairing on a philanthropy committee at Credit Suisse an international investment firm where she worked prior to joining the NYU community. Janell was hand selected to be a graduate consultant for World Education Foundation; where she is consulting on a peace-building project that’s working towards bringing higher education, technology, and an innovation center to a refugee camp in Northern Iraq this summer. She recently undertook an internship at the Center for Health, Identity, Behavior and Prevention Studies in pursuit of learning effective methods in researching a vulnerable population, such as displaced children in the international community.

Janell hopes to apply her knowledge in foreign affairs towards international peace operations that aspire to bring sustainability and education to children in refugee camps.


Karin Attia is a graduate candidate at the New York University Center for Global Affairs, studying peace-building and gender with a focus on the Middle East. Karin was part of the WE Team that facilitated a feasibility study in the Kurdistan region of Iraq in the summer of 2015. During that time Karin

  • Conducted a needs assessment for creating an innovation center in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Identified regional and international stakeholders
  • Developed and implemented workshops for youth in the Domiz and Qushtapa Camps for Syrian Refugees