Kjerstin Søreide Kvaavik

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Kjerstin Søreide Kvaavik has a teaching degree with a Bachelor in Cultural and Social Studies, and additional credentials in Special Needs Education. After working as a teacher, special needs coordinator and participating in local school development for 3,5 years, Kjerstin is now on full-time study leave to pursue a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy with a Concentration in Communication, Design and Learning. This field applies to both educational systems and workplace learning. The subjects range from organizational learning to the more concrete examples and possibilities for technology in different creative learning processes. Kjerstin has always been interested in pedagogy and learning processes both on micro and macro levels of society, and she´s also interested in and curious about the future for schools and education systems around the world. Her dream is to participate and make an impact on their development. She believes in education as a fundamental and peace-promoting right. Kjerstin is dedicated to helping others explore and exercise this right to the best of their potential. She found promising possibilities in the vision and mission of the WE Foundation and is proud to call herself an intern.