Jen Lemen

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Jen Lemen explores how ancient models of human development can support the creation of safe spaces where new forms of togetherness can create a new world. Drawing on her experience with refugees, genocide and natural disaster survivors, Jen examines how cultures rooted in cradle-to-grave security provide clues to sustaining hope and well-being even after the worst things have happened. A seasoned writer, thinker and philosopher, Jen’s conceptual frameworks provide structure and meaning for emerging global leaders. She is a sought after mentor, advisor and spiritual guide for change makers who wish to ground their work in soul, embodied experience and ancient wisdom. She is the co-founder of hopefulworld.org and The Path of Devotion, a twelve month mentoring program for innovators and architects of social change.

As the WE Foundation continues to move towards the most fertile (and sometimes most forgotten) places in the world, Marques inspires the kind of radical devotion required to translate conceptual frameworks into actionable blueprints that lay the practical foundation for human experience and revolutionary change.