Natasha Agarwal

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Natasha Agarwal joins the WE Foundation as a research economist. She finished her master’s in international business (economics) from the University of Lancaster (UK) and her PhD in economics at the Nottingham University (UK). After completing her PhD she has worked in various capacities including a post-doctoral fellow, research fellow, junior economist and an independent consultant at Nottingham university (UK), University of Oxford (UK) Indira¬† Gandhi Institute of Development research (India), Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (Reserve Bank of India, India), and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (India). She is currently working on several projects in the area of international trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), and migration. Her research has been published in the form of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, blog-posts, policy reports, policy-briefs, newspapers as well as working papers. Her research has often been cited by the media, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Quartz, amongst others. Her strength lies in undertaking academic research to undertake effective evidence-based policy-decisions, while simultaneously contributing to international knowledge building.

Her inspiration for joining the World Education Foundation comes from the ideology that WE builds bridges to traverse the gap between theory, research and practice.