Building Peace through Education and Technology

WE Mission

The WE Foundation bridges the gap between academic and expert knowledge and their implementation in local communities around the world. WE are creating the classrooms, learners and livelihoods of tomorrow to help societies sow the ideas and grow the solutions to their most pressing issues. Using toolkits like the WE:SOLVE Labs, our associates craft workable solutions and build global collaborations, ultimately generating new market opportunities. By collecting large amounts of anonymized data from each project, WE are also building a larger picture which helps us make better connections and more tailored programs for each new community we interact with. Essentially, WE help share the best proven practices across all kinds of borders and boundaries to promote and secure peace through education.

WE Vision

WE are working to help global communities reshape themselves through the use of technology and education. In the field, WE focus on opening up opportunities for research and learning, which in turn cultivates understanding and leads to better informed solutions. We strongly believe that through the wide spread application of knowledge, collaboration and empathy, humanity as a whole is capable of moving to the next level of perception and action, thereby achieving peace in this generation. This is of course a mighty task and the work involved will be monumental, but WE propose that with todays level of interconnectedness and the feedback loop between humans and technology, it is well within our collective reach.  


"By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, WE create it".


WE Projects


What WE offer


● Practical experience to support studies, research and work experience

● Opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and expert experience to make a tangible difference in the world

● Opportunity to become an effective Global Citizen

● Opportunities to work on the ground in different cultures and contexts

● Self exploration to explore your life’s passions and purpose

● Explore and share new innovative solutions, which can be transferred around the world


● Can learn about communities across borders

● Explore effective solutions where business expertise can be transferred to creating socially responsible programs

● Gain a foot on the ground in unexplored markets

● Organize with strong, reliable local partners

● Grow internal knowledge through providing employees diverse learning opportunities

● Work with locals in global communities to develop new products and services


● Student and faculty programs which foster academic enlightenment

● Opportunities to gain and transfer academic knowledge

● Opportunities to work and learn across borders

● Implementation of theory into practice

● On ramps for students exploration, learning and breakthroughs

● Cross-disciplinary collaboration between faculties and industry

● Creation of the 21st century learner

● Local and International job opportunities

We are constantly looking for talented students, professionals and passionate people to join us on the WE mission.

WE Team


Marques D. Anderson
Marques is a visionary who asks “why not?” Why not Make a Difference in the world, why not Change the world and why Stop until WE have?...
Andrea Bolder
Director social media & engagement
Andrea Bolder is one of the leading authorities on social media marketing and a proud partner of the WE Foundation...
Bente Aas-Engelstad
Deputy Chairman
Bente Aas-Engelstad was born 20 August 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bente holds a Master in Auditing from Copenhagen Business School 1990...
Anastasia Malafey
Board Member
Anastasia is a creative activist, experienced mechanical engineer, industrial designer and photographer. Born in Russia, Anastasia received her Master Degrees in Design and Engineering, studying in Russia and Scandinavia...
Karen O'Brien
Board Member
Karen O'Brien’s research focuses on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation including how climate change interacts with globalization processes and the implications for human security...
Anna Maria Aune-Moore
Board Member
Anna Maria Aune-Moore grew up on 5 continents and speaks 7 languages. The intercultural skills she developed while living and working in 15 countries enable her to capitalize on connections, communications and human capital, in order to obtain results...
Finn-Jarle Lund Mathisen
Finn-Jarle was born in 1966 and is married and father to three great sons. Professionally, Finn-Jarle has worked as a certified public accountant for over 26 years...
Ingrid Somdal-Åmodt Vinje
Experienced educator within the field of educational technology. Passionate and curious about technology that provides purpose and life long learning.
Carmen Hidalgo
Carmen is currently pursuing her Masters degree in International Affairs, Conflict and Security Studies from The New School in New York City....
Barbara Chami
Barbara is currently pursuing a Masters degree in International/Global Studies focused on international development and peace-building at New York University...
Kaja Wold
Kaja is focused on working with educational and economic development, generally empowerment amongst youth and girls in conflict areas.
Karin Attia
Karin Attia is a graduate candidate at the New York University Center for Global Affairs, studying peace-building and gender with a focus on the Middle East...
Janell Johnson
Janell Johnson is pursuing a graduate degree in Global Affairs at New York University; her focus is in international development and peace-building...
Yannis Bacalis
Yannis Bacalis is a Graduate of the MSc. In Global Affairs of NYU with Specialization in Peace-building. He is a peace-building practitioner as well as a monitoring and evaluation specialist...
Jen Lemen
Human Development
Jen Lemen explores how ancient models of human development can support the creation of safe spaces where new forms of togetherness can create a new world...
Natasha Agarwal
Research Economist
Natasha Agarwal joins the WE Foundation as a research economist. She finished her master's in international business (economics) from the University of Lancaster (UK) and her PhD in economics at the Nottingham University (UK)...
Melissa Mahler
Senior legal advisor
Melissa Mahler is a highly sought after strategist, lawyer and social impact entrepreneur...
Shauna Lee Sexsmith
International Project development
Shauna maintains a multidisciplinary educational background, holding a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario..
Maiuran Loganathan
Inspired high school entrepreneur with a passion for creating disruptive innovations...
Hans Petter Eikemo
Creative director
Works with brands, agencies and services to discover and solve problems...
Kjerstin Søreide Kvaavik
Kjerstin Søreide Kvaavik has a teaching degree with a Bachelor in Cultural and Social Studies, and additional credentials in Special Needs Education...
Benjamin Aarø
Benjamin is an Oslo-based journalist, who has a long history of volunteer work in Norway...

WE Foundation org. number 915 548 423

EIN number: 80-0332342