Building Peace through Education and Technology

WE Mission

The WE Foundation bridges the gap between academic and expert knowledge and their implementation in local communities around the world. WE are creating the classrooms, learners and livelihoods of tomorrow to help societies sow the ideas and grow the solutions to their most pressing issues. Using toolkits like the WE:SOLVE Labs, our associates craft workable solutions and build global collaborations, ultimately generating new market opportunities. By collecting large amounts of anonymized data from each project, WE are also building a larger picture which helps us make better connections and more tailored programs for each new community we interact with. Essentially, WE help share the best proven practices across all kinds of borders and boundaries to promote and secure peace through education.

WE Vision

WE are working to help global communities reshape themselves through the use of technology and education. In the field, WE focus on opening up opportunities for research and learning, which in turn cultivates understanding and leads to better informed solutions. We strongly believe that through the wide spread application of knowledge, collaboration and empathy, humanity as a whole is capable of moving to the next level of perception and action, thereby achieving peace in this generation. This is of course a mighty task and the work involved will be monumental, but WE propose that with todays level of interconnectedness and the feedback loop between humans and technology, it is well within our collective reach.  


WE Projects


What WE offer


● Practical experience to support studies, research and work experience

● Opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and expert experience to make a tangible difference in the world

● Opportunity to become an effective Global Citizen

● Opportunities to work on the ground in different cultures and contexts

● Self exploration to explore your life’s passions and purpose

● Explore and share new innovative solutions, which can be transferred around the world


● Can learn about communities across borders

● Explore effective solutions where business expertise can be transferred to creating socially responsible programs

● Gain a foot on the ground in unexplored markets

● Organize with strong, reliable local partners

● Grow internal knowledge through providing employees diverse learning opportunities

● Work with locals in global communities to develop new products and services


● Student and faculty programs which foster academic enlightenment

● Opportunities to gain and transfer academic knowledge

● Opportunities to work and learn across borders

● Implementation of theory into practice

● On ramps for students exploration, learning and breakthroughs

● Cross-disciplinary collaboration between faculties and industry

● Creation of the 21st century learner

● Local and International job opportunities

We are constantly looking for talented students, professionals and passionate people to join us on the WE mission.

WE Collaborators


WE Team



Marques is a visionary who asks “why not?” Why not Make a Difference in the world, why not Change the world and why Stop until WE have?

Marques is a former American Football safety in the National Football League. Drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2002; he played for 5 seasons. Marques received his BA from UCLA in American Literature and a Masters of Education in Adult Learning and Global Change from Linköping Universitet, Sweden. Having the opportunity to travel extensively throughout North and South America, as well as Europe and Africa, Marques began to develop strategies to address some of the most critical social problems we currently face as a global community. Following his dream to do more, Marques created the World Education Foundation. Through this platform, work is focused to create a new dynamic of sustainable growth in the areas of, Education, Health, Infrastructure and Sports.


Bente Åas-Englestad
Deputy Chairman

Bente Aas-Engelstad was born 20 August 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Bente holds a Master in Auditing from Copenhagen Business School 1990.
She has previously worked as an auditor at PWC, and as a partner in “RevisionsBureauet AS. She is currently Country Manager, Norway at Tommy Hilfiger which is part of PVH Corp, a global apparel and retail company with more than 17,000 associates worldwide. Bente has twin daughters who are 21 years old, is active in social work for the Norwegian Red Cross and lives in Oslo together with Pål.

Board Member

Anastasia is a creative activist, experienced mechanical engineer, industrial designer and photographer. Born in Russia, Anastasia received her Master Degrees in Design and Engineering, studying in Russia and Scandinavia. She started her career as an illustrator at the age of 13 and kept her artistic spirit through her professional career and life. She has co-founded World Cultures United platform to unite and support artistic communities, artisans and cultures around the world. Her passion for innovation and creativity, and her belief that education can change the world brought her to WE Foundation.

International Project development

Shauna maintains a multidisciplinary educational background, holding a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario, an Advanced Degree in International Affairs with special focus on emergent economies from Bard College and an M.Sc in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University. Shauna is a brilliant education and development professional with six years of experience working for multinational organizations, and institutions developing and implementing programs related to education, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation. She has a passion for active change in the world and offers significant expertise in the areas of program development, stakeholder engagement, research, implementation, and strategic partnerships for the WE Foundation.

Benjamin is an Oslo-based journalist, who has a long history of volunteer work in Norway, mostly centered around communication and outreach. As a passionate learner and communicator, he is constantly seeking new ways of combining knowledge and media to improve the way we interact and engage. Over the last few years, he helped shape one of Europe’s most productive TEDx’s and has worked with countless festivals up and down the country.
On his day off, Benjamin enjoys climbing, swimming and occasionally couch surfing.
Board Member

Karen O’Brien’s research focuses on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation including how climate change interacts with globalization processes and the implications for human security. She is interested in how transdisciplinary and integral approaches to global change research can contribute to a better understanding of how societies both create and respond to change, and particularly the role of beliefs, values and worldviews in transformations to sustainability. She is also interested in the potential implications of quantum social theory for climate change responses. She has participated in four IPCC reports and is on the Science Committee for Future Earth, a 10-year global change research initiative. She is also the co-founder of, a website that provides perspectives on transformation in a changing climate. Her current research projects include “Voices of the Future: Values and visions of Norwegian Youth on Responses to Climate Change and CLIMATE&BELIEFS: Exploring the relationship between belief systems and climate change adaptation.

Human Development

Jen Lemen explores how ancient models of human development can support the creation of safe spaces where new forms of togetherness can create a new world. Drawing on her experience with refugees, genocide and natural disaster survivors, Jen examines how cultures rooted in cradle-to-grave security provide clues to sustaining hope and well-being even after the worst things have happened. A seasoned writer, thinker and philosopher, Jen’s conceptual frameworks provide structure and meaning for emerging global leaders. She is a sought after mentor, advisor and spiritual guide for change makers who wish to ground their work in soul, embodied experience and ancient wisdom. She is the co-founder of and The Path of Devotion, a twelve month mentoring program for innovators and architects of social change.

As the WE Foundation continues to move towards the most fertile (and sometimes most forgotten) places in the world, Marques inspires the kind of radical devotion required to translate conceptual frameworks into actionable blueprints that lay the practical foundation for human experience and revolutionary change.


Experienced educator within the field of educational technology. Passionate and curious about technology that provides purpose and life long learning.

Finn Jarle

Finn-Jarle was born in 1966 and is married and father to three great sons. Professionally, Finn-Jarle has worked as a certified public accountant for over 26 years. He is Partner and General Manager at RevisionsBureauet AS in Oslo since 1995, specializing in auditing, business consulting and accounting. Co/ founder of Oslo Vikings, Norway’s largest American Football Club (1986) where he is still active as a Coach and board member. Finn-Jarle loves spending as much time as possible with his family at their cabin at Hvaler, living the easy life away from the hectic pace of Oslo. Important values that he tries to stay true to are: honesty, positivity, hope, and tolerance among us all.

Anna Maria Moore
Board Member

Anna Maria Aune-Moore grew up on 5 continents and speaks 7 languages. The intercultural skills she developed while living and working in 15 countries enable her to capitalize on connections, communications and human capital, in order to obtain results. Anna Maria has a Master of International Management (MBA) from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Anna Maria thrives in a global, diverse and multicultural environment, assisting organizations to implement and operate projects, and individuals to achieve their goals through learning and development; always with an emphasis on cultural competence and its importance in a global marketplace. In her spare time, she writes and has been published in several anthologies and magazines for expats.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” ~ Mark Twain

Research Economist

Natasha Agarwal joins the WE Foundation as a research economist. She finished her master’s in international business (economics) from the University of Lancaster (UK) and her PhD in economics at the Nottingham University (UK). After completing her PhD she has worked in various capacities including a post-doctoral fellow, research fellow, junior economist and an independent consultant at Nottingham university (UK), University of Oxford (UK) Indira  Gandhi Institute of Development research (India), Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (Reserve Bank of India, India), and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (India). She is currently working on several projects in the area of international trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), and migration. Her research has been published in the form of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, blog-posts, policy reports, policy-briefs, newspapers as well as working papers. Her research has often been cited by the media, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Quartz, amongst others. Her strength lies in undertaking academic research to undertake effective evidence-based policy-decisions, while simultaneously contributing to international knowledge building.

Her inspiration for joining the World Education Foundation comes from the ideology that WE builds bridges to traverse the gap between theory, research and practice.

Senior legal advisor

Melissa Mahler is a highly sought after strategist, lawyer and social impact entrepreneur. For over ten years she has advised C-Suite executives, boards of directors, investors and NGO’s in negotiating complex transactions, advancing policy objectives and managing strategic and diverse relationships. She has collaborated with management teams to commercialize emerging technologies, closed financings totaling over $100 million, and licensed technology with universities, governments and Fortune 100 companies.

Melissa believes that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage and that together WE can change the world. Among her current activities, Melissa is a delegate to the United Nations Summit on Media and Social Impact, sits on the board of the Stop Abuse Campaign, is an advisor to the Brink Institute and founder of Pro Player Insiders. Melissa has a BS in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and a JD from Syracuse University College of Law.

Director social media & engagement

Andrea Bolder is one of the leading authorities on social media marketing and a proud partner of the WE Foundation. As a world class professional athlete and Gold Medal Olympian, Andrea has traveled around the world living her passion and has seen first hand the devastation caused by lack of education, healthcare and opportunity.
One of Andrea’s core missions is to help people around the globe uncover their potential and live their purpose! But it all starts with the opportunity of education.

That is why this UCLA graduate is committed to helping the WE Foundation impact the world by improving people’s lives and creating awareness so others who are connected to the cause and capable of contributing can make an impact as well.
Andrea’s goal is to help the WE Foundation manifest its dreams of bringing the opportunity of quality education and health to everyone in the world. We will do this by creating one of the largest social media communities of any non-profit by encouraging engagement, promoting awareness and sparking action.

The We Foundation Will Change The World!

Creative director

Works with brands, agencies and services to discover and solve problems.

As the Founder and Director of the creative consultancy Ideon, Hans specializes in technology, communication and digital marketing!


Kjerstin Søreide Kvaavik has a teaching degree with a Bachelor in Cultural and Social Studies, and additional credentials in Special Needs Education. After working as a teacher, special needs coordinator and participating in local school development for 3,5 years, Kjerstin is now on full-time study leave to pursue a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy with a Concentration in Communication, Design and Learning. This field applies to both educational systems and workplace learning. The subjects range from organizational learning to the more concrete examples and possibilities for technology in different creative learning processes. Kjerstin has always been interested in pedagogy and learning processes both on micro and macro levels of society, and she´s also interested in and curious about the future for schools and education systems around the world. Her dream is to participate and make an impact on their development. She believes in education as a fundamental and peace-promoting right. Kjerstin is dedicated to helping others explore and exercise this right to the best of their potential. She found promising possibilities in the vision and mission of the WE Foundation and is proud to call herself an intern.


Inspired high school entrepreneur with a passion for creating disruptive innovations. Currently creating the “Facebook for learning” and trying to solve Global Warming with YSI.

Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk – Iron Man

WE Foundation org. number 915 548 423

EIN number: 80-0332342